Leanne Laboy

May 22, 2016

Just got back from the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetics Guild today after a great week of learning and having a great time in Tampa. Soon we will be at the Blue Claws stadium to share our wares and working to revamp our product line. Doesn't that look yummy? I had my last breakfast at the Resort and thinking so many ideas to bring back too. Oh and I lost 25lbs too! Ok had to slip that in there, the excitement is killing me! 

Breakfast with bacon and eggs.




February 14, 2016

Happy Valentines Day! I walked in to flowers on the kitchen table, very sweet! Since I'm dieting I didn't get candy.  I hate talking about diets, they are so dreadfull. But you know what, I think I'm finally onto something here, LCHF and losing fairly quickly for the first time in so many years or even ever as far as speed goes.  My nails are growing faster, hair stopped filling the hairbrush, has to be healthy! Hoping for smaller clothes come spring time.  

Back onto making soaps for the upcoming year, shows and the website.  Looking forward to it!  January is always a slow month, exhausted after the holidays for sure and a great break.

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