Some answers to frequently asked questions:

1. Do you operate from a Brick and Mortar Store?

Leanne's Homemade Natural Soap LLC does not currently operate from a storefront, but we work online, through facebook, winefestivals, local craft fairs and special events, a "pop up store", home parties and do special orders such as party events and favors or demonstrations for scouts or custom requests. 

2.  How long will a bar of your soap last? 

That depends on personal use, but a bar can last between a week for one person or a month for another. The important thing to do to lengthen usage time is to keep the bar dry in between uses as the natural glycerin (a humectant) absorbs water and it will swell then wear down much quicker. 

3. How can I find you?

Easy, our Upcoming events page has where we can be found in person at our shows, you can email us @ Rosebd37@aol.com, and also find us on facebook to see what we are up to.